is an established site dedicated to providing extensive in depth information about all manner of currency topics. We have a team of experienced writers and editors providing regular information and updates for our users to enjoy and benefit from.

Over the past few years we have worked hard to develop a strong and engaging website that delivers on a wide range of financial currency topics. We can be defined by several words – fresh, dynamic, newsworthy and accurate.

New tools and content being developed and created all the time

Our aim is to provide the most professional and up to date website on currency matters. To this end we publish fresh material on a regular basis. Our weekly currency report explores how the British pound is performing on the currency markets. We also have a wide range of articles for you to read, covering such topics as exchange rates, currency conversion and the state of world financial affairs and currencies.

One of the main tools we have developed is the currency converter app. But more tools, apps and content are continually in development, to ensure our website is always up to date and providing the best experience for our visitors.

We have also created reviews for the top foreign exchange websites so you can weigh them up against each other before you decide which one will be best for you.

Enjoying a worldwide audience

We may be based and hosted in the UK, but we are proud to say we have visitors from every corner of the globe. Our penchant for providing up to the minute accessible and understandable information on a wide range of currency matters has made us one of the leading websites online in this field today.

Perhaps it is the diverse nature of our offering that makes our site so popular among visitors. From the regularly updated blog to the in depth articles on dozens of today’s most popular currencies, you are bound to find what you want no matter when you visit us.

Meet our writers and editors

We are fortunate to have established a top team of writers and editors who work tirelessly to create fresh and engaging content for our website. You can find out more about them here.

Jay: Jay is responsible for editing much of the content that appears on our website. With a background in financial planning and an interest in trading currencies, Jay has an eye for getting the best out of every piece of content that passes across her desk.

Allison: Allison has 20+ years experience as a professional writer and has developed an interest in various currency matters. She is widely published both online and in magazines and is also the author of several eBooks.

Denise: A former investment banker, Denise now writes the occasional piece for us, capitalising on his knowledge in the field.

James: James has an extensive financial background in stocks and shares and invests both on a personal and professional level. He has established a long career in the world of finance and has a particular interest in exchange rates and how they affect various world currencies.

Testimonials from some of our loyal users

AJ: For me the best part of the site is the weekly report, which gives a short and easy review of how the British pound performed the week before. It’s everything I need to know in just a few minute’s reading. What better way could there be to take everything in?

Robin: I often have the need to use a currency converter for business purposes, since I deal with foreign businesses on a regular basis. The simple but effective currency converter widget has been a godsend for me, and I thank you for it! I never go anywhere else.

Jenny: I only found your site a couple of weeks ago, but I am steadily working my way through the huge range of articles you have on here. What an impressive lot! I’ve found some real gems already and I look forward to finding more. Normally it provides me with some lunchtime reading!

Barrett: Keep up the good work guys – I love this site. Some websites that deal with financial and currency topics can be so hard to wade through and very confusing. For a newbie like me this ranks as the best of them all. Keep it up and I for one will be coming back time and again.

AJK: I’ve read lots of articles speculating on the future (or lack of) of the Eurozone in recent times, but none have been as insightful or easy to read as the ones I have found on your website. As someone who deals with European businesses in my line of work, I find this a fast an invaluable way to keep ahead of the latest news.

LG: I was searching for a reputable currency converter recently and came across your feature on the Converter of the Month. It was exactly what I was looking for – a good appraisal of a number of top converters on the web, with an honest opinion of each one. The star rating made it easy to choose the most appropriate converter for my needs.

Mr Atkinson: Personally I find the information on the various world currencies to be indispensable. As someone who trades on a personal basis, it is useful to have information at my fingertips on a wide range of currencies. Many thanks for the depth of interesting information you have provided. I look forward to reading more.

Sarah Helling: It’s hard to find a site that is quite as comprehensive in these areas than I regularly go to the reviews section to check the links to other sites that may be of use to me as well. There are a number of other Forex related sites here and the reviews are of excellent quality.

Jay: The perfect site to visit when I’m having a coffee break! The only problem is I spend too long delving into the great articles you’ve got here. They should carry a warning on how good they are! Cheers.

Lucy: I have used several sites like this in the past, but none have been quite as accessible as this one. The weekly report on the main events in the currency markets is just perfect for a novice like me! Long may it continue.

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