It’s not always ideal to access a computer or laptop to find our currency converter. That’s why we have created dedicated apps for both Android and iOS users. Whatever device you have, simply visit Google Play or the App Store to download your ideal – and free – currency converter app. Preview the app on YouTube!


Currency converter for Android

Our highly-rated Android app makes working out currency conversions easy. You can create your own list of selected currencies you use frequently, and switch from one currency to another with a few easy taps of the screen.

With a clear and user-friendly design, and all the major currencies included, it couldn’t be simpler to use. Install it now, or add it to your wishlist. With over 90 five-star reviews, many other users have already discovered its many benefits.

Our rates are constantly updated, giving you the most accurate currency app you could want. Show several currencies on the screen at once, get conversions for one or more at a time, and add a green star next to your base currency – the one you use most often.

We are always updating and improving on the app, which requires Android 4.0.3. or better to be successfully installed. With over 100,000 installs already, have you discovered our currency converter for Android yet?

Currency converter for iOS

If you have an Apple device, the best way to get all the currency conversions you need in a hurry is to install our free currency converter, specifically designed for iOS. It is compatible not just with iPhones and iPads, but also with iPod Touch devices. As long as you have iOS 8.0 or later, you’re good to go. Just visit the App Store and download our free converter now.

Tailored to look great on all these devices, the currency converter uses a pleasing colour scheme to make it easy on the eye. Converters can be confusing, thanks to the huge amount of information they can share. That’s why we have used country flags, three-letter codes and the name of the country and currency to make identification easy.

Simple tap controls make working out currency conversions easy no matter where you are. And with the latest rates updated regularly, you can be certain you’re using accurate information, too.

Download our app for free today, and rate and review to let us know what you think.

Enjoy a great currency converter at your fingertips

The next time you need to make a conversion from one currency to another, you can do so on your mobile device. We’re adding more currencies all the time, and you can get in touch if you can’t find the currency you need.

Every currency is shown with its three-letter country code and the flag of the county too, so you have three ways to identify or search for the one you want.

Whichever device you download the free app for, you’ll discover it has all the elements you could need to help you get the calculations you’re looking for. If you need just one currency on your screen, you can do that. If you want a list of currencies, each showing a conversion from your main currency, you can do that too. The app is as simple as you need it to be, but it can also cope with more demanding needs. So, if you travel frequently and need input on the latest exchange rates with your own currency, our apps can handle it all.

Make our app work for you

Many currency converter apps are quite rigid, packed with information, and confusing to use, too. We’ve strived to make sure ours has all the information you need, but presents it in a way you control.

By adding one or more currencies to the list to see the latest exchange rates, you can personalise the app to ensure it works in just the way you want it to. If you only need one conversion, you’ll get just that. If you need five or six, you can add those currencies to your list of selected currencies in both the Android and the iOS apps.

With easy touch controls, no confusing elements, and a reliable app at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it, it makes sense to choose one of our apps today. Download the app designed for your phone or tablet now, and start benefiting from the many features and user-friendly elements it has in store for you.