Tough Times for the British Pound this Week (0) June 3, 2019

Some weeks produce a mixed bag of results. This would not be one of them. We would not experience lots of good results either.

Major Changes in the UK Affect the Standing of the British Pound (0) May 28, 2019

This was a seismic week for the British pound – and for the British government, as Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation on Friday 24th May. Would this affect the value of the British pound?

A Tough Week Was Experienced by the British Pound (0) May 20, 2019

That headline leaves us in no doubt as to the outcome for the pound this week. How bad would it be, though?

Would a Good Week be Followed by a Bad One for the British Pound? (0) May 13, 2019

It’s time to see whether the British pound could build on the results of last week. Would it make it two good weeks in a row?

An Impressive Week of Work from the British Pound (0) May 7, 2019

That headline should leave you in no doubt as to the impressive performance put in by the British pound on the currency markets this time around.

Would This Be a Good Week for the British Pound? (0) April 29, 2019

As we make progress towards completing the first third of the year, it’s time to see if the British pound could make good progress towards May. Would that be possible?

Easter Looms for the Currency Markets (0) April 23, 2019

We are almost one third of the way through 2019 now. With Easter falling late this year, it is time to see whether we could celebrate a very Good Friday with some hard work from the British pound.

A Mixed Week of Results for the British Currency (0) April 15, 2019

Not all weeks are memorable ones in the currency markets. This would turn out to be one filled with both positives and negatives.

Would April Fools Day Spring a Surprise on the British Pound? (0) April 8, 2019

A new month is beginning, but would the British pound make a fool of itself on 1st April?

A Disappointing Week for the British Currency (0) April 2, 2019

Perhaps this was to be expected, given the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the fact we had been supposed to leave the EU on Friday. How would the pound fare under these circumstances?